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At times, our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person. –Albert Schweitzer

Life Coaching
Live in Radiance life coaching helps you to get clear about what you want, how you want to feel, who you want to be and, most importantly, how to get there. Whether you are focusing on your home, your love relationships, your career, your health, your kids, etc. through simple self-inquiry, you will develop awareness of the thoughts and beliefs that get in the way of creating what you really want. We explore how these beliefs impact the way in which you relate to yourself, others and your experiences.

Through this exploration it becomes clear that the context from which you are engaging your world impacts the quality of your experience, either bringing you closer to what you want or further away. We will identify patterns of behavior that no longer serve you and develop new practices that allow you to shift into a new way of being, taking100% responsibility for being a conscious creator in your own life.

“By the end of our working together, I had a pay raise, a title promotion, and a contract on my book.”

My initial motivation for working with Michelle was to advance my career. I thought it would take a few sessions together, using her as my professional coach, to clarify concrete steps toward a single goal. What unfolded instead was a journey of self-discovery that helped me to rethink some of the fundamental assumptions and self-judgments that had been holding me back. Michelle can coach; if what you want is to be supported toward a goal, then you will be in great hands. But above and beyond that, what she does is transform. By the end of our six months working together, I had a pay raise and a title promotion, a contract on my book (which I’d long been avoiding working on), and most importantly, a new ability to identify and work with my interests, strengths, and personal stories. I feel great.” – FG, client

One-on-One Coaching
Our work will begin by developing a clear vision of what you want to create in specific areas of your life. With your clear vision in mind, we will identify and explore those beliefs and habits that have been sabotaging your progress and reconnect with those that bring you into alignment with what you want.

Once we have identified what is no longer serving you, we will develop a clear plan of action including practices and techniques that will help you to dissolve your old habits and believes and establish new ways of thinking and behaving that move you toward what you want create in your life.

Then the REAL work begins. We will work on integrating these new beliefs and practices into your daily life and navigate the bumps along the way. Through the successes and stumbles of integrating these new practices, you will learn that you can embrace all relationships and experiences as opportunities for growth and expansion. If you are ready to become a powerful creator in your own life, contact me to begin your Radiant Life Coaching transformation.

Couples Coaching
In couples coaching, we will tap into your highest vision for your relationship, look at what is getting in the way of creating that vision, and establish new patterns of engagement that support your ideal love relationship. We will follow the same path of exploration and integration employed in one-on-one coaching with the added layer of the relationship. Looking at the beliefs and behaviors of each partner AND those you foster as a couple, you will learn how these support or detract from your relationship.

With this awareness and understanding of the ways in which belief and behavior impact the relationship, we will identify patterns of behavior that no longer serve you individually or as a couple. You will learn new practices that help you to shift into a new way of being as individuals and a new way of being TOGETHER.

In this new realm of relating to each other, you begin to see your unique strengths – your genius – as a couple and re-discover why you thought this relationship was such a good idea in the first place. You will learn how to embrace all interactions in your relationship as opportunities for growth and expansion, becoming powerful creators as independent people and as partners in life. Contact me to create more consciousness in your relationship.

Parent Coaching
I believe conscious parents will not only create happier, healthier more enjoyable families but will change the world in ways we can only begin to imagine by raising conscious children. The gift of your presence, in parenting, is the most valuable one of all.

“An incredible experience that continues to stretch me personally.

Michelle’s parenting group was at once a necessary oasis, a personal challenge, and an incredible experience that continues to stretch me personally. I am so grateful to take part. Many thanks!” – Dorothea Duenow

Small Group Coaching
In small group coaching, you have a unique opportunity to develop awareness of your own patterns of behavior and belief through individual exploration with the support of people also committed to expanding their own awareness and becoming conscious creators in their own lives.

With group coaching, you have a chance to see and understand yourself through the experience of others in the group. The group experience offers you a mirror where you can see your own patterns played out in front of you in a way that is more objective and, consequently, easier to see.  Not only are your beliefs revealed through the mirror of others, but you also learn about yourself in relationship to and interaction with others.

Group work affords the opportunity to engage in exercises with partners, as well as the benefit of receiving constructive feedback from other participants. Finally, the group inherently creates a community of co-voyagers on the journey of living consciously. You will learn to how become a powerful creator in your own life and how to support others in doing the same.
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