Welcome to Drop the Drama with Michelle Thompson


When you juggle multiple roles, there’s no time to waste in drama at home or work.

Set yourself free from drama and use your energy to create the life you really want.

Drop The Drama is a group coaching experience where you will get access to monthly live coaching calls and weekly interactive online coaching and instruction where I am your facilitator and guide.

We explore topics related to diffusing drama and creating connection in your role as a parent, partner, and professional.

As a bonus you’ll also get access to my closed community forum on Facebook; where you’ll have a safe place to ask your questions and receive feedback. This is an invaluable resource you can use to support yourself as you integrate techniques and practices we cover during the calls. In addition to learning from and supporting each other, members benefit from additional support from me during weekly specific office hours here in the forum.

In this program, you will:


Learn how drama gets started and how you keep it going.


Discover how you let your roles control you and keep you in drama.
Stop doing what you think you SHOULD and learn to be who you really ARE.


Identify the expectations you have of yourself and others that create recycling drama patterns in your relationships at home and work.


Explore the impact of your personality, how it influences the way you perceive and execute your roles and how it may be contributing to drama.


Learn how to re-shape thought patterns and response practices to stay out of drama in the first place.


Reconnect to your true self and take back control to make your personality and the roles you play work for you (create connection) rather than against you (cause drama).


Learn and practice reliable drama diffusing techniques that you can use in real time.


Develop an understanding of your most valuable self-awareness tool – your body – and how to use it to break free of the thought-emotion loop that keeps you stuck in conflict.

Michelle Thompson, Live In Radiance

Meet Your Coach

Welcome. I'm Michelle.

As a child growing up in a small town on in New England, my life was peaceful and happy - filled with love, respect and room to develop into who I wanted to be. With this foundation, I was set on creating the same thing for my own family one day. 25 Years and five children later, the road to my dream was A LOT bumpier than I had anticipated and there was a time in my life when I felt like I was powerless to change my experience until one day I “woke up” and decided something had to change.

As a result of my own experience in dramatically transforming my own family life and the joy it has brought me, I decided to become a life coach to share the possibility of transformation with anyone who wants to change their own experience.

This is perfect for you if:

  • you are mother who is sick of the repeated and recycling drama with her kids
  • you are struggling to co-parent cooperatively and rarely find yourself on the same page with your partner
  • you are tired of fighting over the same things in your love relationship
  • you sick of the drama at work and want less conflict and more collaboration
  • you are now parenting your parent(s) and are stuck in repeated conflict over who is in control and responsible for decision making