Does Your Monkey Mind Love Shiny Objects?

Have you heard the story of people capturing nuisance monkeys using jars filled with shiny objects? Jars are set out filed with objects the monkeys would want to touch. Instead of putting a top on the jar they leave an opening that could just fit a monkey’s hand with fingers elongated and squeezed together. The monkey sticks his hand in that jar, grabs the shiny object, but is unable to withdraw his hand because it is now shaped like a fist around the shiny object. Rather than drop the object and free his hand, the monkey holds on and struggles.

Humans are similar and we hold ourselves in place by clinging to those things that bring us immediate, yet temporary, pleasure or relief. When we are grasping at those shiny baubles of distraction we lose focus on what we really need to do in order to free ourselves – just LET GO. When we let go of wanting that shiny, alluring thing, we can then focus our attention on those things that will best serve us. We make better choices and better care for ourselves.

In my article, How To Identify The SNEAKY Distractions That Keep You From Caring For Yourself, I discuss how we unconsciously intoxicate ourselves and cloud our decision-making. There are all sorts of ways that we choose to do things that distract us from what will best serve us in the long run. I reveal some of the ways I tend to distract myself. You may see yourself in those examples, but because we all have our own unique ways of taking ourselves out of presence, I also provide some key questions you can ask yourself to identify your own shiny baubles of enticement. 

I would love to hear from you about the ways you distract yourself and how you plan to take that awareness and shift into more self-nurturing decision making.

As always, if you would like support in shifting out of your unconscious distraction patterns, please contact me. 

My dream for everyone is that they learn to set themselves free from the beliefs and behavior patterns that keep them from living their most fulfilling lives. And, one of my greatest joys is supporting women on their journey to freedom and fulfillment. Thank you for supporting me by reading this newsletter, allowing me a platform to offer my vision and support, which is part of my own journey to living my most fulfilling life.

With Deep Appreciation–

Michelle Thompson
Live in Radiance Coaching