Live in Radiance Coaching

“Shine like the whole universe is yours.” –Rumi

The Universe always gives us what we are asking for, the problem is that we are largely unconscious in our asking. Consciously we say we want something, but the much more powerful energy comes from what we believe in the moment of the asking, which is often in direct oppostion to what we say we want.

WE SAY “I am going on a diet and want to lose 20lbs.”
WE BELIEVE “This is never going to work. I have never been able to lose and keep off the weight. Diets don’t work. I am not disciplined enough. This is going to be so hard. Why do I even bother? I have always been overweight…”
OR WE SAY “I want to meet the man of my dreams.”
And WE BELIEVE “Good guys are hard to find. Men don’t want monogamous relationships. Men aren’t interested in me. I am too independent and that scares men…”

The beliefs are much more powerful than the momentary desire to lose the weight or meet the guy and then we attract experiences and evidence that support what were actually believe. We cut the diet short or find shortcomings in the new guy that is showing interest. We find a way to make our stories true.

Live in Radiance coaching shows you what is holding you back and keeping you stuck in all aspects of your life. The coaching work we do together reveals your true essence and moves you toward living your most fulfilling life. I share with you the path that has brought me out of a life ruled by fear and powerlessness into one rooted in the freedom of living authentically, powerfully, and joyfully.

We spend a lifetime developing and strengthening stories, beliefs and behavior patterns that help us to survive and avoid pain (If I don’t really believe I can lose weight then I won’t be so disappointed if I fail). I believe that it is only through the conscious awareness of the way we show up in this world that we can learn to discern what part of our practiced way of being no longer serves us, but instead gets in the way of our happiness and fulfillment. It is then that we are in a position to choose to let go of what no longer serves us and step into the freedom of living outside our limiting stories.

My intention is to help people to turn their focus on themselves and the way that they show up in this world; in order to let go of the ways of being that no longer serve them. We work together to reveal their true essence and move toward living their most fulfilling life. I do this because it is in the fabric of my being to foster peace in this world beginning with the individual. I am committed to spreading the joy of letting go of limiting programming; because I want to share with others the path that has brought me out of a life ruled by fear and powerlessness into one rooted in the freedom of living authentically, powerfully, and joyfully.

Michelle is an immensely talented life coach.

I came to Michelle at a very difficult time in my life. I was immersing myself in every type of support I could think of … traditional therapy, self-help books etc. Hiring Michelle as my coach – and staying committed to my work with her – was without question the most important step I took in moving my life forward and finding acceptance, peace, and joy.

Michelle is compassionate and patient, but perhaps more important, she has great instincts and insights and is incredibly skilled at articulating them so that you understand and can put them into action. She has challenged me to look at my stories, get clarity, take responsibility, and to live a more conscious and curious life. I have a new energy and lightness for my work with Michelle, and for this I am incredibly grateful. –Jeannette, client

I work with my clients to identify what is holding them back and keeping them stuck in all aspects of their lives: work, friends, family, health/fitness, etc.. We do this through the practice of mindful awareness and conscious reflection. You learn to become an observer of your own way of being, so that you can identify what thoughts and beliefs are driving your actions. You will learn to see what previously seemed like a predetermined and permenant element of your personality, as simply the result of a practiced way of thinking and being. You will learn to teach your brain to think differently in a way that is in alignment with who you really are rather than who you think you are supposed to be or are doomed to be.

I share the teachings of the experts that have helped me along my path to freedom like: Gay and Katie Hendricks – Conscious Loving and Living, Byron Katie’s “The Work”, Jim Dethmer and Diana Chapman’s “The 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership,” Christy Whitman, Esther Hicks/Abrahma’s Law of Attraction work, among others. I want you to live your most fulfilling life and I will use my experience in personal transformation to help you along your unique path. The answers are ALL inside of you, I simply hold space and provide guidance in helping you to answer your own call to freedom and fulfillment.

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